On October 2nd 2017 the purposed Clear Fork Bridge Project was officially presented to the Benbrook City Council. Below are the actual presentations given the evening of October 2nd 2017. The presentations were provided by the City of Benbrook. 

Click here for the emergency response time presentation by Benbrook Police Chief Mills and Benbrook Fire Chief Davis. The response time data presented was compiled by the city of Benbrook. 

Click here for the Freese and Nichols presentation of the preliminary concept design for the Clear Fork Bridge Project 

The last part of the presentation came from Allen Taylor, the Benbrook city attorney. Mr. Taylor purposed a three way agreement between Benbrook, Fort Worth, and TXDOT. In order to build the bridge there must be an easement granted by TXDOT because they own the land the bridge will be built on. Under the purposed agreement Ft Worth would be granted the easement to build a bridge crossing the Clear Fork Trinity River by TXDOT. Upon completion of the bridge Ft Worth will grant the City of Benbrook the emergency easement for use of the Clear Fork Bridge. 


click on the link to see the two proposed bridge locations.

How did this Happen?

On January 12th, 2017 the Benbrook Texas Zoning and Planning Commission unanimously approved a resolution to build a bridge large enough for public access to cross the Clear Fork Trinity River. The Clear Fork Public Access Bridge is slated to begin construction in 2019-2020. The bridge will be designated for "emergency" use until the city council opens it for public use. The Benbrook City Council quietly approved $530,000 of tax payer money in March of 2017 for the Clear Fork Bridge Project. The Benbrook City Council has plans to spend at least $1.5 million dollars plus federal funds to build a bridge large enough for public access to cross the Clear Fork Trinity River and tie into Bellaire Drive S.  

This is a paragraph out of the January 12th 2017 Benbrook Zoning Commission meeting. 

Mr. Ramsey asked why the Clear Fork Bridge will be for emergency personnel only and not open to the public. Mr. Bennett said that a full public access bridge has been considered for a number of years, but because of public opposition against building a full public access bridge, a decision was made to limit access to only emergency personnel at this time. However, staff is hopeful that the neighborhood opposition will subside once the bridge is completed. Mr. Bennett said the city is planning to build the bridge wide enough to accommodate full public access should the city desire to open the bridge to the public at some point in future.

Does the Benbrook City Council need to build the Clear Fork Public Access Bridge to generate commercial interest in the developments off the I-20/820 access road?

Please contact all of our Benbrook City Council members to voice your concerns or ideas about the Clear Fork Bridge Project. 


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The Facts of the Clear Fork Bridge Project


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